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North Vancouver

Welcome to North Vancouver

Possessing some of Canada's most beautiful residential neighborhoods, the city of North Vancouver islionsgate known for having an abundance of huge trees and colourful flowers which each help to contribute to its fresh, and natural feel. Although North Vancouver is located only a 5-minute drive from downtown Vancouver, the area has a distinctively friendly, small-mountain-village feel to it, and offers abundant outdoor activities and attractions.

Nearby Grouse Mountain is an excellent skiing venue, but it also features several other activities year-round, including mountain biking, hiking and paragliding. Lynn Canyon Park is renowned for having spectacular flora and fauna, while the Capilano Suspension Bridge is also a popular attraction, overlooking the Capilano River from 230 feet above ground level.

In addition to its vast natural beauty, North Vancouver also offers all the conveniences and amenities of a big city, including world-class restaurant and shopping facilities. Enjoy a pleasant day at the beach at popular Ambleside Park (West Vancouver) near the Lions Gate Bridge.

capilanoIn North Vancouver, an easy trip across the harbour, there are a couple of great places to visit. Originally built in 1889 of hemp rope and cedar planks, Vancouver's first tourist attraction, the Capilano Suspension Bridge stretches 450 feet across and 230 feet above the Capilano River.

Surrounded by majestic evergreens the gently swaying bridge looks down on trout ponds in summer and white water kayakers in winter. Not far away is the year round adventure of Grouse Mountain. Take the Skyride to the top and take in the spectacular view of the city, mountains and sea. In summer you can walk the hiking trails or take in a Logger Sports Shows and in the winter you can enjoy night and day skiing or a horse-drawn sleigh ride.

Many parks can be accessed in North Vancouver The Capilano River Regional Park is a popular urban recreation area where locals bring their dogs to exercise and play. The park winds around its namesake river and contains several kilometers of trails that are perfect for walking and hiking. Visitors can access the park at several points off Marine Drive.

lynncanyonparkLynn Canyon Park provides environmental education and offers visitors a unique look at a temperate rainforest, as well as many other ecological attractions. This is a good place for the whole family, as the Exploratorium offers children the chance to explore nature, and a puppet theatre is there as well. There is a suspension bridge that hangs 20 stories above Lynn Creek and offers good views, a lush 616 acre second growth rainforest for exploring, a 30 foot pool, and the Twin Falls.

Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, encompassing 5200 hectares of a temperate rainforest. Here it is possible to learn about the living forest on a 90 minute self-guided tour. Enjoy the waters, wildlife and vegetation in an area close to an urban setting. A great place for hiking and spotting the natural enhabitants including, deer, coyote, black bear and cougar.

Indian Arm Provincial Park is a conservation park that was implemented to protect the shores of Indian Arm fjord. The park was formerly covered in glacier, which receded and left behind rugged mountains, alpine lakes and numerous waterfalls. Recreational fishing, motor boating, kayaking and scuba diving are a few of the recreational opportunities available to visitors. The 50 m (164 ft) high Granite Falls are an impressive sight and are a popular attraction within the park.

A community farm named Maplewood Farms is a great destination for the whole family. This two hectare park has almost 200 domestic farms animals and birds on display and there are displays of various typical farm chores such as milking, butter churning and shearing.


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