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Park Description: Located next to City Hall, this beautiful Community Park offers the visitor a waterfall and pond, a majestic totem pole, walking paths and benches to relax and enjoy the many trees and flowers. Friendship Gardens is the perfect setting for relaxing walks or wedding pictures with easy access off Fourth Street and Royal Avenue.

Park Location : Fourth Street and Royal Avenue

Park Size : 3.79 Acres

Park Inventory and Amenities : Pond, ducks and waterfall, Sitting areas with benches, Totem Pole, Walking trails, Trees and flowers, Greenspace.

History of Friendship Gardens : Designed by Mr. Gordon Sales, the late Parks Director, the Gardens were built in 1963 as a tribute to our Sister City of Moriguchi, Japan. The creation is a blend of the basic Japanese garden and our own informal garden tastes. In 1962, Hurricane Freda blew down most of the trees in the section of Tipperary Park and so the Gardens came into being. In 1980, a 70 foot red cedar Cosmic Maypole was erected in the Friendship Gardens. The carving, done by Georganna Malloff, is to be viewed not frontally, but in the round, depicting a spiral of human social evolution. It incorporated the carving techniques of the Nothwest Coast Indians and that of the traditional European Maypole.

Overview: Glenbrook Ravine was created with the sale of the Federal Government Penitentiary to a private developer. As part of the site development, the City of New Westminster negotiated the development and donation of the ravine into a City owned park for all to enjoy. Glenbrook Ravine is a perfect place for New Westminster residents to stroll and view the beauty of ponds, waterfalls, wildflowers, ferns and natural vegetation.

Location: Jamieson Court off of Richmond Street

Highlighted Features: Picturesque views, Natural area and trails, Benches Waterfall, bridge and pond, Flower garden Trails and Greenways, Birds and wildlife

Overview: Grimston Park has met the diverse needs of the community since it was established in 1937. Over the years, the park has continued to meet New Westminster residents' needs with the park development in 1948, addition of the adventure playground in 1984 (upgraded in 1997), addition of the lacrosse box in 1971 and washrooms in 1992. Grimston Park continues to meet family, community and sporting needs for New Westminster.

Location: 20th Street and Sixth Avenue

Highlighted Features: Tennis courts (2), Wading pool, Lacrosse box, Sports fields (1 softball, 1 soccer) Adventure playground, Washrooms and Picnic area.

Overview: Hume Park, dedicated to the John Hume Family on July 25, 1976. The Hume family members are descendants of the Royal Engineers, native children of the Royal City and have provided extended public service to New Westminster residents. Hume Park is a place of beauty and enjoyment for all.

Location : Lower Hume Access: East Columbia Street and Hoult Street, Upper Hume Access: Kelly Street and Braid Street

Highlighted Features: Tennis Courts (3), Spray park, Adventure playground, Goodies & Concessions, Sports fields (3 baseball/softball diamonds, 1 soccer)
Washrooms, Outdoor pool, Dog Off-leash zone, Lacrosse box, Trails and Greenways, Picnic shelter and areas.

Overview: Sapperton Landing is a beautiful linear waterfront park boasting beautiful views of the Fraser River. Along the scenic walk you will be delighted with the abundance of vegetation and wildlife.

Location: Park access is at the foot of Cumberland Street and East Columbia Street.

Highlighted Features: Picnic Shelter, Fraser River views, Quiescent Area, Pools and Streams, Trails and Greenways, Birds and wildlife, Benches, Natural Vegetation.

Infromation: The Mercer Stadium turf field is a professional quality outdoor sports surface complimented by state of the art lighting.

Conditions of USe: The Mercer Stadium Synthetic Turf Field is a specialized field sport facility designed specifically for the needs of community sport organizations. As compared to traditional grass turf fields, the use, care and maintenance of this new field require a different approach to ensure user safety and optimal field performance. It is critical that all community sport teams and organizations inform their respective members of the conditions of use for the synthetic turf field as outlined below. Failure to comply with the specified conditions of use will negatively impact the condition of the field for all users and may result in loss of the organization's field use privileges. For more information click here

Overview : Moody Park is a cornerstone of the Brow of the Hill Community with its beautiful open spaces, fields and recreation amenities. Come out and enjoy all that this destination park provides!

Location: Eighth Street and Eighth Avenue

Highlighted Features: Sports fields (5 baseball /softball, 2 soccer/rugby), Adventure playground, Lacrosse box Tennis courts (3), Lawn bowling, basketball, Outdoor pool, Spray park, Temptations Concession, Parks & Recreation Administration, Trails and Greenways, Washroom and Century House.

Overview: New Westminster's flagship park is a destination for every family, business or community need. Enjoy the many trails, flowers, sporting opportunities, petting farm, playgrounds and wedding facilities.

Location: First Street and Third Avenue

Highlighted Features: Adventure playgrounds, Pictures, Sports fields (3 soccer/rugby, 5 baseball/softball), Spray Park, Washroom, Stadium Tennis courts (7), Arena, Arenex, Centennial Lodge Bandshell, Petting farm (seasonal), Trails and Greenways, Picnic shelters (2), Horseshoes Concession.

Overview: Ryall Park is a focal point for the Queensborough Community. The park features many athletic and family opportunities including Megan's Place playground.

Location: 920 Ewen Avenue (behind Queensborough Community Centre)

Highlighted Features: Sports fields (1 soccer/rugby 2 baseball/softball) Washroom, Tennis courts (2), Queensborough Community Centre, Trails and Greenways, Picnic shelter and area, Spray park and Adventure playground.

Overview: Sapperton Park provides the Sapperton neighbourhood with a large park for children, families and sporting activities since it was first established in 1907. Over the years, the park undergone several renovations and additions to meet community needs.

Location: Columbia Street & Sherbrooke Street

Highlighted Features: Spray Park, Sports fields (1 softball, 1 soccer) Adventure playground, Washrooms, Picnic area.

Overview: Terry Hughes Park is a premier athletic destination for softball, basketball and soccer

Location: Eighth Avenue and McBride Boulevard

Highlighted Features: Sports fields (1 soccer/rugby, 1 baseball/softball) Pictures, Basketball, Trails and Greenways.

Overview: Waterfront Esplanade and park area was developed with a unique waterfront theme. Water-based play features such as a submarine, a tugboat and a cargo net unite the theme. Benches were made to look like parts of an old dock and heritage monuments explain the City's history and give the area a quaint feel. Flower beds and creative landscaping help to separate, but meet the needs of, bikers and strollers.

Location: New Westminster Quay

Highlighted Features: Pictures, Washroom, Quayside, Playground, Trails and Greenways.

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