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Sechelt (population: 7,775) is located on the Sunshine Coast, a temperate stretch of coastline that, while considered part of the BC mainland, is accessible only by vehicle ferry. The town sits on a narrow strip of land that separates the Sechelt Inlet from the Strait of Georgia. It is conveniently located at the geographic centre of what is referred to as the "Lower Sunshine Coast." Summers are warm and dry; winters are mild and moist. The town is best known for its vibrant artistic community, salmon fishing and ecotourism.

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Sechelt is a picturesque coastal town with a laid-back, artsy character. Many arts-oriented festivals and events, including the famous and long-running Festival of the Written Arts, are held in and around the community throughout the year. Artists favour the area for its serenity and inspiring natural beauty. Provincial parks nearby number in the double digits - many are water access-only marine parks where you can spend hours without seeing a single soul. Terrestrial provincial parks offer a wide range of opportunities for recreation, including hiking, swimming, camping and backcountry skiing. The salmon fishing along the Sunshine Coast is legendary, as are the many beautiful sand and pebble beaches.


The must-see attractions in Sechelt are the House of hewhiwus (House of Chiefs), the Raven's Cry Theatre, the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre & Gallery, the Chapman Creek Salmon Hatchery and Skookumchuck Narrows. House of hewhiwus is the administrative centre for the local Sechelt Nation. It houses the tems swiya (Our World) Museum, which has many fascinating Sechelt Nation cultural objects and artifacts on display. It also houses the Raven's Cry Theatre, which presents performances by local dancers, pianists and First Nations storytellers. The Sunshine Coast Arts Centre & Gallery exhibits local and "off-Coast" art year-round. You can learn a lot about the lifecycle of salmon, as well as view spawning salmon August through December, at the Chapman Creek Salmon Hatchery. Finally, no visit to Sechelt would be complete without a trip to Skookumchuck Narrows; 757 billion l (200 billion gal) flow through the narrows with awesome force. At peak times, you'll see some really spectacular whirlpools and whitewater.


The lower Sunshine Coast hosts a variety of events throughout the year that celebrate the visual, written and performing arts. Sechelt is well positioned, as the geographic centre of the area, for accessing any and all of these events. The Festival of the Written Arts, held in Sechelt, is Canada's longest-running summer gathering of Canadian writers and readers. The Fibre Arts Festival, held in Gibsons Landing, celebrates spinning, weaving, quilting, woodwork and more. There are also two annual jazz festivals in the area, one at Gibsons Landing and one at Pender Harbour. The Raven's Cry Theatre, in the House of hewhiwus (House of Chiefs), also presents live performances. Because Sechelt is home to so many artists, crafters and artisans, you'll find a lot of local paintings, sculptures, carvings, weaving, pottery and jewellery in shops around town. Watch for purple banners outside artists studios: they indicate that a local artist, crafter or artisan is showing and selling his or her work inside.

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