Invermere, BC

Between Radium Hot Springs and Kimberly, on Hwy 95, you will come across Invermere located on Lake Windermere. This valley, known as one of the sunniest spots in Canada, can be reached by jet or car, as there is a new airport at Fairmont Hot Springs serviced by flights from Vancouver and Calgary.

Invermere Accommodations

Nipika Mountain Resort borders Kootenay National Park on the mighty Kootenay River, offering guests a year-round recreational playground unparalleled in beauty and amenities. Stay in luxurious hand-built log cabins. XC ski, mountain bike, hike or run on our endless trails out the front door. Fish, canoe, kayak or raft the Kootenay River or just sit on the porch and watch wildlife graze on the meadow.

Kootenay Wild FlowersLake Windermere is one of the warmest in the Rockies. In the summer fishing, sailing, water-skiing, swimming and canoeing are the main activities. Bird watching enthusiasts can see Bald Eagles gathering to feast on spawning Kokanee at the mouth of Windermere Creek in October and September. The Columbia Valley wetlands is an excellent place for birding.

One other major attraction of Windermere Valley is golf. There are several world class courses. One is an 18-hole course cut into the edge of a mountain. Another course has unique crowned greens, while still another runs along 4km (2.4 mi.) of the Columbia River's headwaters.

On the West Side of Lake Windermere, Invermere has 2 beautiful beaches. The village contains many captivating boutiques and cafes. In July you can enjoy the music and other entertainment during Visitor Appreciation Day along with a complimentary pancake breakfast. In August there is the Windermere Loop Triathlon and every summer the village hosts a major hanggliding competition. Invermere is also home to the Windermere Valley Museum and the Pynelogs Cultural Centre. The museum features mining and railway history and is housed in a heritage building. The cultural centre is housed in a historic building, built by a former Lieutenant Governor of BC, and holds exhibits, theatre, concerts, and workshops.

Columbia Valley Wetlands - BC BirdingJust 17.5 km (10.9 mi.) west of Invermere is Panorama. Here you can heli-ski, ride, whitewater raft, hike, golf, and more bike. You can also cross-country ski or just plain ski down a hill. The mountain features a vertical drop of 1158m (.625 mi.), a run of 3.5 km (2.2 mi.) and plenty of lifts.

Edmund Johnston formed a settlement in 1890 called Copper City and then sold it to Lewis Garnett in 1900 who renamed it Canterbury. By 1909, the Columbia Valley Fruit Lands Ltd acquired a large portion of the land and renamed the site Invermere. 'Inver' means - out of the mouth and 'mere' is Scottish for lake, 'mouth of the lake'.

In the past, the town had survived principally from agriculture and the natural resources industry. Today, however, tourism has become the main source of income for the town. Resorts such as Panorama Mountain Village and the development of vacation properties supports the community's 3,000 people.

Many of the early pioneer business buildings still stand today and have been renovated for modern use. This preservation has added to the town's charm and signs marking historic sights have been erected throughout the town.

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