Oak Bay has long been considered the most attractive residential community in Greater Victoria. It will capture your heart and fill all of your senses with its beauty and the road that gets you there is the scenic marine drive.

This exceptionally scenic marine drive follows the Pacific Ocean with wonderfully high viewpoints, the Royal Victoria Golf Course (rumoured to have a ghost), and beaches and marinas to explore along the way. Stately waterfront mansions hug the rugged shorelines both to the east and south.

The University of Victoria borders Oak Bay to the north and Foul Bay Road sits on the west. You can usually count on a westerly wind to follow you to Oak Bay, where the sunrises in the mornings beckon many a salmon fisherperson.

Oak Bay has the million dollar views at any time of day. The backdrop is the towering but sleek snow-capped Mount Baker. Marine life in its natural habitat can often be seen from the shores in Oak Bay. The sailors, fisherpeople and kayakers are not alone on the ocean. They are likely to be sharing the sea with one of three pods of killer whales, or a grey or minke whale - and/or of course the curious harbour seals. 

At some point in it's history Oak Bay captured the nickname "Tweed Curtain," which coincidently refers to its long held British heritage - reflective of its varied residents. This may explain the tearooms. In changing with the times, Oak Bay also boasts cafes, pubs, take-out fish and chips, restaurants and a quaint shopping centre. There is also an array of beautiful gardens to see, smell and feel and parks with plenty of viewpoints.

Birding on Vancouver Island
- Amongst the undisturbed areas and homes to an abundance of bird life are: Uplands Park, Cattle Point, Anderson Hill Park, the Chinese Cemetery at Harling Point and Gonzales Hill - at one time a weather station and a seismic and astrophysical observatory.

Besides being bicycle friendly, Oak Bay is also walking friendly. The area takes pride in its many peaceful streets with elegant homes and gardens. You may never want to go on four wheels again! As you walk or cycle, take time to look up at the stately Garry Oak trees which embrace most streets. These trees are native to Western Canada. With each passing garden, take in a deep breath and breathe in the blend of floral aromas with wisps of salty sea air.

Only in Oak Bay you say? Another way to experience the area is from the sea. Who knows, you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the infamous Cadborosourus on one of these tours - Oak Bay's version of the second cousin (twice removed) of Lock Ness Nellie!  Whether you visit Oak Bay with the lilacs, tulips and daffodils in the spring, the roses in the summer or the golden autumn in the festive winter - Oak Bay will put a charm on you and there is sure to be a warm welcome awaiting you.

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