Port of
Prince Rupert
The Prince Rupert Container Port - Canada’s new Gateway to the Orient
Prince Rupert Cruise Ship Terminal

Port of Prince RupertIn keeping with the Government of Canada’s Gateway Strategy, a state of the art container terminal has been built in Prince Rupert. This new facility will handle the largest container vessels in the world and is expected to grow in capacity to handle up to 500,000 twenty foot containers annually.

This project’s success will be fuelled by the rapid economic growth in the countries of the Pacific Rim and Prince Rupert has some important advantages over any other port on the West Coast of North America.

Port of Prince Rupert
These advantages include:

1) The shortest sea route to Shanghai China (over 1000 miles closer than Los Angeles and 436 miles closer than Vancouver) We should note that 1000 miles represents three extra days of sailing.

2) Access to CN Rail’s transcontinental network through the uncongested Northern Line that is fully integrated with the full CN network. This means efficient access to Chicago and ports on the Atlantic coast and the Gulf of Mexico as well.

3) Prince Rupert is an ice-free port with the deepest harbour entrance of its competitors. It can handle the true giants of container shipping at the lowest possible cost per unit. Plans for expansion to handle 2 million twenty foot container units per annum are in place and will ensure Prince Rupert’s future for many years to come.

Prince Rupert Cruise Ship Schedule 2009

The Northland Dock is located centrally on the Prince Rupert waterfront, within easy walking distance of museums and the historic downtown shopping area. The 4,000 square foot terminal building accommodates Canada Customs and Immigration operations for foreign arrivals. Tours available range from kayaking and heli tours to excursions to native communities and nature viewing. The range of eco-tourism options is wide enough to fill every interest.

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