Hornby Island

Whaling Station Bay - Hornby Island, B.C.
Whaling Station Bay

Welcome to Hornby Isle, one of nature’s lovelier creations. Choose the less travelled road to the ecologically fragile beauty of a little known destination.

Hornby Isle is considered by birders, photographers, artists and all nature lovers as the “jewel of the gulf”. It suits equally the kayaker, sailor, swimmer, cyclist, hiker, diver or wildlife naturalist. It is here for those who yearn to embrace a unique part of the world.

Stroll the fine light sands of spacious beaches. Swim in the crystal clear waters of sweeping tidal bays. Amble along the grandeur of ocean bluffs in a world class park. Cycle with ease around the island and witness breathtaking vistas. Scuba dive in waters described by National Geographic Magazine as “the northern tropics”. 

Circumnavigate Hornby by kayak, canoe or boat. Explore sculpted sandstone shores. Watch resident killer whales breech in the channel. Witness countless songbirds, loons, swans, ducks and shorebirds which co-exist in balance with heron, eagles and hawks. See mink, otter and beaver on rocks and around streams and marshes. Stop for fawns crossing country roads. Breath easy while mingling with the natural world on Hornby Isle, this exquisite eden isle.

Photos and text above courtesy of Breatheasy Vacations .

Hornby Island is a small island accessible from the the East side of Vancouver Island in the Straight of Georgia.
Once on Vancouver Island, drive to Buckley Bay (3 hours north of Victoria, 50 minutes north of Nanaimo, or 45 minutes south of Comox) where The Denman Ferry leaves on the hour for a ten minute crossing to Denman Island. Drive across Denman (13km) to Gravelly Bay for another short ride on the Hornby Ferry will take you to Hornby.

Please note: The last connecting ferry to Hornby leaves Buckley Bay at 6:00pm (10:00pm on fridays) so plan your trip accordingly!

There is now a cash machine on Hornby Island, located at the Credit Union near the ferry landing.

Helliwell Park - Hornby Island, B.C.
Helliwell Provincial Park

Tribune Bay
Tribune Bay

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