Galiano IslandGaliano Island is a haven for naturalists and birdwatchers with more than 130 species of birds and many rare and protected plants. From the moss-covered shores of Bellhouse Park at the south end of the Island, to spectacular Dionisio Point Provincial Park on Porlier Pass at the northern tip, there is plenty of outdoor recreation to enjoy. There are miles of country roads and trails to enjoy cycling and hiking, or picnic on one of the many beaches. Enquire about the many festivals, concerts and other events that take place during the year.

Camping facilities are available at Montague Harbour and Dionisio Point as well as bed & breakfast homes, cottages, cabins and country inns. Several excellent restaurants or casual cafes and pubs are also available.

Things to do:

Spincast for salmon in the swift currents of Active Pass from the shores of Bellhouse Park.

Take a boat and fish the calm waters of Trincomali Channel or the tidal currents of Porlier Pass.

Cycle, stroll, or drive along miles of roads, trails and country lanes, and stop for a picnic on a secluded beach or in a shaded grove.

Kayak, canoe, sail, or boat year round in the calm waters along the Island's coast.

Explore beautiful Bluffs Park or Gray Peninsula at Montague Harbour Provincial Park, which was once the site of an ancient Native village.

Climb to the top of Mount Galiano to capture views of the Olympic Mountains or hike the length of Bodega Ridge.

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