Campbell River Whale watching & Adventure Tours

Campbell River, British Columbia, Vancouver Island, Canada


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Whale Watching

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Grizzly Bears

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Ocean Rapids

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Wild Life

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About Us

Experience some of the most exciting Orca Killer Whale watching in the world with Campbell River Whale Watching and Adventure Tours, Campbell River, BC, Vancouver Island, Canada. Thrill to the world's only 5 sets of tidal rapids tour leaving from Campbell River, British Columbia with Campbell River Whale Watching and Adventure Tours. Take an adventure of a life time from Campbell River to watch whales, view Grizzly bears and see Sea Lions, Seals and Bald Eagles with Campbell River Whale Watching and Adventure Tours.

What Makes Us Different... and Better

  • First Class Sound System
  • Comfortable Seating
  • Scheduled stops in secluded bays and inlets
  • Newer Boats
  • Bigger Engines
  • Experienced Qualified guides

Be a witness to one of the wonders of the Northwest Coast.

Experience the feeling of wonder and connection as they pass by our boat,

View Black Bears and possibly Grizzly

Wildlife Adventure tours will be the Grizzly Bear experience of a lifetime.

Travel though the Discovery Islands and Mainland Inlets in the comfort and safety of our new and powerful Zodiacs.

Customize your tour experience with us.