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With British Columbia Grizzly Bear tours you will travel to the Orford River Valley aboard a comfortable, modern, high speed covered vessel passing through a wildlife paradise like no other in the world along the way.

The Orford River offers some of the best BC Grizzly Bear viewing on the west coast. Bring your camera. The specially designed viewing platforms provide ideal photo opportunities on this Grizzly Bear watching tour.

This is the British Columbia Grizzly Bear watching Tour experience of a lifetime.
British Columbia Grizzly Bears...
  • The largest land carnivores in the world are Grizzly Bears
  • Grizzlies are actually brown bears and their fur becomes grizzled with age thus the name.
  • Females usually inhabit 50-300 square miles of range, while males require 200-500 square miles. Grizzly bears are not territorial and usually have overlapping ranges with several Grizzly bears sharing an area.
  • They are mostly vegetarian and consume up to 90 lbs. of food a day.
  • Abundant Spawning Salmon in the Orford River become an integral part of their diet in late September and October.
  • Average Height: is 3- 3 ½ feet at shoulders and 6 - 7 feet in length.
  • Adult Grizzly males weight 300 - 850 lbs and Grizzly females weight 200 - 450 lbs.
  • Grizzlies can move at a top speed: 35 mph . Their life span is 20 - 25 years on average.
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